Men Should Respect Women

Nature has given everything its right and place to live, so human beings are also a part of nature. Men and women are precious beings with different body systems and responsibilities. In a society where women get respect, a place to live peacefully and freedom of speech and action, there will be more prosperity than where they do not get. Men should treat women as they want their mothers and sisters to be treated.

In a society, every individual has different responsibilities and values to survive. Somewhere women are taking care of their children and doing household chores, and in another society, men are doing the same while women can be seen going for jobs and taking leads. But, in Pakistan, it is a somehow difficult task to think about women supporting financially, because there most of the mindsets are explaining the women’s responsibilities to remain in a house and do care for the household only.

Also, it is more than a difficult task to convince parents or husbands to let their daughters or wives be educated or financially stable. While in the underserved villages, women are not only killed but also confined in a single place to spend their whole life in the name of honour.

It is being observed that most women are killed or raped by those who are systematically and economically powerful enough to take the law into their hands. And they can do this easily for their pleasure and play with women's lives by ruining their respect and life. Because of such people, most of the victims try to hide the dark episode of their lives to save their life further.

Even when a mother gives birth to a child girl, she must face condolence from her neighbours and relatives for not giving birth to a baby boy. Somewhere in the sky, also those dark ages have been reported where a woman was killed by her husband for not giving birth to the male gender.

Although, these cases are now a routine based, and our society is not serious to understand that the mindset we have is not good for women or even a human. As, recently, domestic violence has been reported in several cities of Pakistan, a mother was brutally tortured and killed in front of her children, by her husband.

On the contrary, a pregnant mother and her child were burned by her husband. And a girl was beheaded by a person who belongs to an influential family. There are hundreds of cases not reported yet, but we, as a society, must think before it’s too late. And it is not today, then it will never be stopped. If today it is someone else’s mother or sister, tomorrow it could be yours.

Treat a woman as you want your mother or sister to be treated. The mindset we are carrying in our 1336gram brain, we have to change.



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Ali Raza

The writer is a student of Agricultural economics, and having interest in geo-economic and politcal issues, current affairs, agriculture, and environment.