Book Review: Rumi’s Daughter

The novel is written by Muriel Maufroy. It is based on true events and involves three main characters and events that take place to change their lives, especially of the protagonist, a young girl named Kimya, Maulana Rumi and Shams-Ud-Din Tabrizi are also the main characters of this novel. Kimya’s father Farokh is an apprentice, and her mother Evodokia is a Christian. While growing up in the village, people notice how Kimya is not like everyone. She is different from her peers and knows a lot more than the other children of her age.

. Therefore, her father takes her to the nearby city of Konya to receive education from the conformist nuns. When they reach Konya, Kimya’s alterity is identified by the philosopher (Jalal-Ud-din Rumi). Rumi not only adopts her as his daughter but as a student too. Rumi is a renowned, reputed, and respected leader, teacher, and philosopher in Konya until the emergence of a wandering whirling dervish Shams (Tabriz). Shams has a slandering influence on Rumi and his daughter.

Although, to Rumi and Kimya, he is no less than a saint who will transform their lives forever. Later, Rumi asked her daughter Kimya to marry Shams she gave her consent to marry him. Shams and Rumi stayed in a room for 18 days family members could only see the flickering light under the room then they retreated, and Rumi looked even happier than before. But people’s hatred towards Shams was growing because they thought Rumi is hypnotized by Shams.

Even after marrying Kimya and shams lived like strangers till Kimya found the purpose of her life. At a very young age, Kimya died and found the joy, the joy she always strived to find. Her goal was to understand the real meaning of love and for that Allah made her life in such a way she was bound to bear shams’ mood swings and his strict behaviours so she could learn to love and to be loved.

Shams always showed her how one can find GOD, he always said you are very blessed. Her final words were (do not you see I am going where I always wanted to go). She always wanted to live in peace forever. It’s all planned how we meet people some stay some leaves us; what miseries were meant to fall upon us so we could burn and earn the mercy of ALLAH almighty.

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